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Allan brings an orientation of practicality and pragmatism to executive coaching. A deep interest in senior executive development and assisting newly appointed senior executives in accelerating their ability to lead with impact, led Allan to complete the Master of Business Coaching in 2019. Consequently, coaching engagements combine insights and approaches from both a perspective of commercial experience within multinational companies alongside evidence-based theories and frameworks acquired within the master’s degree.

Leadership transitions and first-time transition into a senior leadership role, either at business unit or general management level, can present numerous difficulties with many unanticipated challenges, particularly in organisations with high performance cultures.

It is the leadership team that sets the platform for how organisation performance and culture is created and becomes enduring overtime. The top team is the most important team in the organisation or function it leads, as it sets the parameters of what is possible.

Increasing clarity collectively within the team, on the team, its function and direction, supporting that as individuals and collectively, will go a long way towards the team setting itself up for accomplishing its objectives and purpose.

It is vital that senior leadership teams have a critical understanding of the leadership shadow that they cast.  Moreover, the top management team needs to be aware of how this leadership shadow significantly impacts both the culture of the organisation as well as the business’s financial results.

The role of a top team is to:

  1. Set the strategic direction and cultural tone of the organisation it leads or serves and to amplify the leadership impact required to enable both.
  2. Build the connection between the organisation and its relevant stakeholders.
  3. Oversee and enhance the relationships between the organisation and the broader system it operates within.

Support programs are tailored to individual executive and team requirements, taking into account considerations such as:

How to Get Started:

  • New teams / new leader to top team, who need to build the foundations for success.
  • Teams who need to rapidly adapt themselves to a specific challenge.
  • Teams who need to re-adjust their progress and set new intentions.

How to Accelerate Team Development:

  • Teams who now need to shift thinking, focus and effectiveness, to respond to the complexity of their challenge in a volatile environment.
  • Teams who need to restore the prerequisites of effectiveness.

How to Propel Team Transformation:

  • Teams who need to lead a complex transformation program over an immediate and prolonged period.

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I have deep experience partnering with business leaders working in heavily regulated and complex businesses. I adopt an approach of co-designing a program with you, which will develop as needs emerge addressing the required leadership skills, behaviours and mandates in your team.

  • Underpinning all programs is the principle of employing an evidence-based approach
  • Establishing an initial baseline and following up post program with a measure to confirm discernible change in leadership behaviours which have business impact
  • Proven coaching methodology to develop the leadership required to execute successful change in complex environments
  • Programs are designed to be delivered with an agreed mix of team and one on one sessions to offer sustainable change. This is an emergent change journey not a two day offsite!

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Management and Leadership Advisory Consulting services are provided in the context of supporting senior executives as a strategic advisor and thinking partner. Extensive experience leading senior executive teams includes turnaround assignments, developing and executing strategy, operational planning and execution, and developing leaders to move from a functional management, or “technical expert” orientation to adopting an enterprise mindset in respect to their leadership.

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