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Executive Coach & Mentor

Successful Business Leader

Management & Leadership Advisory Consulting

Executive Coach & Mentor

My name is Allan.

I’m a vastly experienced, award-winning, international commercial leader with a proven record turning businesses around and driving sales, growth and $multimillion profits for top-tier companies globally.

Following my corporate success, I established my own specialist consultancy to pursue my passion for executive coaching. Since then, I have taken great pleasure in helping senior executives across four continents to improve performance, fulfil their potential and drive their own businesses to new, greater heights.

  • Coaching CEO’s and MD’s
  • Team coaching / teams in transition
  • Transitional leadership coaching
  • Developing people skills in technical leaders
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"I have worked with Allan for a number of years now and he has been invaluable in supporting me as I have developed into more senior roles. As my career has evolved, the issues facing me have become more complex and ambiguous and having Allan as a sounding board has been incredibly helpful. It has been very different to working with a traditional coach. The relationship with Allan is far more of a partnership given that he has faced these issues himself in similar roles enabling him to understand the complexity of the challenges and to calmly talk through options and different perspectives on how to tackle them. The combination of Allan’s experience, his outstanding listening skills and his ability to support through such a variety of operational and strategic issues, make him the best mentor/coach I have worked with in my career."

Stewart Pearce
Vice President Marketing & Portfolio Strategy Otsuka Pharmaceutical Companies Europe

"Allan has always demonstrated the kind of leadership which I appreciate: Humility, engagement, willing to make bold decisions, taking ownership of the challenges and putting others in front on the glory. His ability to connect up and down the organisation and influence others has been great to witness."

Mike Crichton
Senior Vice President - Global Therapy Area Head - Specialty & Primary Care at GSK

"I’ve been working with Allan for the past 2 years and have found the experience extremely useful, valuable and thought provoking. Allan strikes the balance between coaching, advising and healthy challenge that really pushes my thinking in a practical way. I’m able to take outputs from our sessions and apply them to the business straight away."

Ryan Gynne
Managing Director, UK Pharmaceutical Company

“Allan has made a seamless move from senior pharmaceutical executive to industry consultant. As I expected, his years of industry experience were of great value in his advice to us. Allan’s collaborative approach and forthright manner provided us with the insight and feedback we required.”

Brett Barons
CEO – Symbion

"Allan uniquely brings leadership principles to life and relevance, by revealing their connection with personal realities."

General Manager, Multi-national pharmaceutical company, West and Central Africa (WCA)

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